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Authors / Writers

Zachary Amendt - Remington Silent
Aurora Brackett - Corpse
Elizabeth Brooks - Boundary Waters
William Doreski - Picnic on Montsegur
Nora Falter - Leaky Toilet
Antonio Fernandez - Genesis of Poesia - Click to view web site
Jonathan Hayes - Arles
Paul Hostovsky - Lone Sled - Click to view web site
George Jack - Below the Romantishadows
Timothy Kearney - Blueberrying
Jane Levin - Shard
Joseph Lisowski - On the Steps of the Holy Family Church
William Michaelian - Woman at the Cafe du Tambourin, At the Bus Stop with Gustave Dore - Click to view web site
Jim Nelson - Greenly I Fell
Jeanette Marie Sayers - The Owl - button
Michael Shorb - Galloping Horse Unearthed at Leitai, China
Dan Sklar - Working

*poetry / short fiction

Some of these pieces may be available on our web site after Cosmopsis Quarterly 4 debuts.

Are you interested in appearing in a future issue?

Cosmopsis Quarterly is released between 1-2 times a year depending on our budget, work load and present mood. Cosmopsis 3 was released on October 22, 2008.

In the meantime, check out our submission guidelines and other details regarding an appearance in the book.

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